• To be a renowned department for education in Electronics and Communication Engineering and moulding students into professional researchers and engineers to serve the society and country by their industrial, scientific, innovative, academic, social, technical skills & ethics and entrepreneurship activities. Training the students with contemporary technologies and enabling them to meet the needs of global industry. Imparting the entrepreneurial and leadership skills in the field of Electronics and Communication.


To provide teaching - learning process in Electronics and Communication Engineering that will make students competitive and innovative to adapt the needs of industry and higher learning.
To train the students to become well-disciplined and knowledgeable in order to meet the needs of industry as well as society by providing quality education.
To produce prolific graduates with remarkable skills in envisaging, designing and effectively giving solutions for global needs of Electronics, Communication and Automation industries.
To imbibe professional ethics, team spirit and leadership qualities to succeed in changing technological world according the societal needs and concern for environment in engineering design and practice


  • Analyze, design and implement solutions in Electronics and Communication Engineering and adapt to changes in technology by self /continuous learning.
  • Engage in higher learning and contribute to technological innovations.
  • Work with professional ethics as an individual or as a team player to realize the goals of the project or the organization with the responsibility to facelift the society and the environment.
  • To provide in-depth technical expertise for their lifelong learning through continual education and industrial practice.
  • KIPM-College of Engineering & Technology