To become a Centre of Excellence in Mechanical Engineering with focus on optimal teaching and research, to serve as a human resource provider, which can identify, think and create to serve the society, industry, and environment to meet the requirements of 21st century.


1. To provide qualitative and conceptual education to make students ready to deal with the problems of the industry by offering the state-of-the-art undergraduate programmes.

2. To become an epicenter of the teaching and learning process that attracts the best faculty and students.

3. To create an ambiance where student brainstorms to find the feasible solution of a technological problem in collaboration with industries and academia that will promote sustainable development.

4. To promote extra-curricular activities that will enhance personality of students.

5. To serve the society by upholding the highest ethical standard and values, and empowering weaker and underprivileged sections.

Programme Educational Objectives (POE's)
PEO-1:- To provide graduates with a concrete foundation in mathematical modelling of real-world problem and use scientific and engineering fundamentals to develop problem solving ability.
PEO-2:- To prepare students to face a challenges of 21st century in the field of mechanical engineering and use their engineering skills to develop solutions towards sustainable goal.
PEO-3:- To improve communication skills and inculcate team work and leadership quality to meet the need of diversified industries.
PEO-4: To inculcate values, principles, and ethical skills towards society, environment, and self through workshops so that they behave responsibly.
PEO-5:- To aware the graduates for the multidisciplinary knowledge and research opportunities through industrial training, seminars and classroom teaching.
KIPM-College of Engineering & Technology