KIPM-College of Engineering established in 2012, is one of its own kind in India and poised for a quantum leap in development of professional education in the Country. We firmly believe that education is the only way for achieving higher standards of living, increasing productivity, supporting National growth and economical goals. Our objective is to improve the standards to achieve excellence in technical education and provide high quality education to students from different strata and regions of the society at affordable fees. We empower our students with strong knowledge base and quality standard of technical education in a holistic and multidimensional manner encompassing all theoretical, applied and conceptual aspects by maintaining the exclusiveness of the discipline. Our curriculum is constantly being designed to respond to the academic needs of future for a learner at workplace. We also strive to cultivate love for Nation and respect for its traditional values in every student so that he/she can be sincere and committed citizen for better tomorrow of the Country.

Mr. Shekhar Singh

Registrar KIPM - College of Engineering & Technology, GIDA, Gorakhpur
KIPM-College of Engineering & Technology